Tràigh Physiotherapy

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Twitter: @traighphysio



Physiotherapy encompasses a wide range of treatments and you may require some of the following:


  • Massage - swedish, sports, frictions, deep tissue


  • Myofascial release


  • Joint mobilisations


  • Joint traction


  • Muscle Energy Techniques


  • Neural mobilisation


  • Passive movements


  • Exercise therapy - personalised exercise prescription - strengthening, stretches, balance, core stability


  • PRICE principles for acute injury


  • Ice or Heat therapy


  • Education and advice


  • Postural correction


  • Ergonomics assessment and advice


    Your treatment options will be discussed fully after the full initial assessment and are based on the most up to date clinical evidence where possible.


    Should you require further medical investigation I will, with your permission, write to your GP


    If you have any questions around whether we can help you, please do contact us for a chat.



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